Radial Gauge

Radial Gauge = 
    <svg viewBox='0 0 200 100' >
        <path id='track' fill='none' stroke='#D0D0D0' d='M10,55 a45,45 0 1 1 90,0' stroke-width='20' />
        <path id='fill' fill='none' stroke='#605E5C' d='M10,55 a45,45 0 1 1 90,0' stroke-width='20' stroke-dasharray='141.3717' stroke-dashoffset="&""""&(1-'KPI'[KPI Percentage]) * (PI()*45)&""""&">
            <title>Percent: "&'KPI'[KPI Percentage]&"</title>
        <path id='target' fill='none' stroke='orange' d='M0,55 L20,55' stroke-width='2' transform='rotate("&MAX('KPI'[Target])*180&" 55 55)'/>
        <text x='55' y='55' font-weight='bold' text-anchor='middle'>"&FORMAT('KPI'[KPI Percentage], "0%")&"</text> 


  1. Its an SVG template, Deneb uses VegaLite jason. this can work to use as icon on Tables in Power Bi

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