KPI Card

DAX measure to generate SVG image for use in matrix or table visuals

SVG Card Rectangular Shadow = 

"data:image/svg+xml;utf8, " &

"<svg xmlns='' viewBox='0 0 250 150' overflow='visible'>

  --- Glow Shadow ---


<filter id='shadow'><feDropShadow dx='0.2' dy='0.4' stdDeviation='0.2' /></filter>

<filter id='glow'><feDropShadow dx='0' dy='0' stdDeviation='5' flood-color='lightgray'/></filter>


  --- Outline ---

<rect x='5' y='5' rx='5' ry='5' width='240' height='140' style='stroke:lightgray; stroke-width:2; fill:white; filter:url(#glow)' />

  --- Section Title ---

    <text text-anchor='left' font-size='15pt' font-family='Segoe UI' x='15' y='35'>"&MAX(MultiKPIs[Unit])&"</text>

  --- KPI Figure ---

    <text text-anchor='left' font-weight= 'bold' font-size='30pt' font-family='Segoe UI' x='15' y='80' fill='"&MAX(MultiKPIs[RAG])&"'>"&IF(MAX(MultiKPIs[Measure])="Percentage",FORMAT(MAX(MultiKPIs[Actual]),"#%"),MAX(MultiKPIs[Actual]))&"</text>

  --- Goal Box ---

  <rect x='120' y='50' rx='3' ry='3' width='125' height='30' fill='lavender'></rect>

  <text text-anchor='left' font-size='15pt' font-family='Segoe UI' x='135' y='72'>Goal: "&IF(MAX(MultiKPIs[Measure])="Percentage",FORMAT(MAX(MultiKPIs[Goal]),"#%"),MAX(MultiKPIs[Goal]))&"</text>

 ------- Gauge-------
    <linearGradient id='linear' x1='0%' y1='0%' x2='100%' y2='0%'>
      <stop offset='0%'   stop-color='#05a'/>
      <stop offset='100%' stop-color='cyan'/>
    <clipPath id='clip-1'>
    <rect x="& "'"& 20+(200-(200-(MAX(MultiKPIs[Actual])/MAX(MultiKPIs[Goal]))*200)) &"'"&" y='100' width="& "'"& (200-(MAX(MultiKPIs[Actual])/MAX(MultiKPIs[Goal]))*200) &"'"&" height='20' />
  <rect id='track' x='20' y='100' rx='10' ry='10' width='200' height='20' fill='#D0D0D0' stroke='#D0D0D0' stroke-width='0'> </rect>
<rect id='fill' x='20' y='100' rx='10' ry='10' width='200' height='20' fill='url(#linear)' stroke='#D0D0D0' stroke-width='1'><title>Percent: "&'KPI'[KPI Percentage]&"</title></rect>
<rect id='mask' x='20' y='100' rx='10' ry='10' width='200' height='20' fill='#D0D0D0' stroke='#D0D0D0' stroke-width='0' clip-path='url(#clip-1)'></rect>


  1. Hi Kerry, this vizualization is awesome. Can you please explain the MultiKPIs[Unit] and MultiKPIs[RAG] measures? I’m pretty new to power BI so I don’t quite understand what are those. Thank you!

  2. Hi Kerry,
    I was trying to work on your KPI card SVG template, but couldn’t able to match DAX measures with mine.
    could u please send me pbix file?

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