Exploring diversity

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In recent days I received an email about a development program with sponsorship available for individuals who identify as being from a diverse background. This was followed by a long list of groups.

The list concluded with:

  • Female
  • Any other culturally or linguistically diverse persons

After reading the list I thought to myself, “surely, that’s just captured 90% of the general population..?”

In thinking about it, I hadn’t really seen Australia’s diversity illustrated in any other way than abstracted Venn diagrams and multiple pie charts.

So, in doing what I do, I thought I’d explore this notion.

I obtained data from the 2016 Australian census

And drilled down by Sex

By Indigenous identity

By ancestry

By language spoken at home

That’s about all the data I had, but I’m sure if I had info on LGBTIQ+ and disability, it would be further segmented still. Given that other sources estimate 3.5% of adults are non-heterosexual, and approximately 18% live with disability, that could potentially take the largest homogeneous group to 15%, if that’s where one chose to draw the line 🙂


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